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About Us

About Us


Invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) is the second most common type of breast cancer and accounts for 10-15% of the 280,000 annual cases in the United States. ILC is an understudied breast cancer, and currently there are no specific treatment strategies designed for this unique breast cancer subtype, despite high long-term risk of recurrence. The Lobular Breast Cancer Research Program is committed to addressing the critical gap in ILC diagnostic and treatment strategies.  


For the Lobular Breast Cancer Research Program to advance ILC research, innovate targeted treatments that improve patient lives and outcomes and contribute to a future where people don’t develop and die from ILC.  

To accelerate the translation of pioneering science to improve patient care we strive to:

  • Innovate breakthroughs in early detection and imaging;

  • Pioneer ILC-specific surgical techniques;

  • Identify molecular targets for ILC-specific therapies;

  • Use AI and predictive modeling to identify chemotherapy responsive tumors;

  • Improve clinical trial design to include ILC patients and tracking ILC-specific outcomes.